Terms And Conditions

  1. All passengers, including all minors, should be at least 1.1m tall to ride.
  2. Passengers must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure or seats may be reassigned.
  3. Cancellation must be received at least 24 hours prior to departure or full payment will be due.
  4. If we need to cancel a ride due to inclement weather, or for any other reason, the ride will be rescheduled. If the ride cannot be rescheduled, or the passenger cannot attend an alternative ride, a full refund of the ticket price will be provided.
  5. Valuables are not permitted on board the jet boat or vessel. We take no responsibility, and accept no liability, for any loss or damage of valuables.
  6. All passengers acknowledge and agree, including any parent or guardian who is responsible and liable for explaining to a minor under their supervision, that all passengers ride at their own risk and that jet boating, and boating generally, is an inherently dangerous recreational activity and participation in the ride carries with it inherent risk, including the risk of personal injury or death.
  7. Adult passengers must sign an Assumption of Risk Form prior to boarding, for themselves and for any minors in their care. The Assumption of Risk Form is part of our Terms and Conditions of passage and will be made available prior to the ride.
  8. In participating in the ride adult passengers agree to indemnify us against, and to unconditionally release us from, any and all liability and claims made by or on behalf of the passenger, or the minors in their care, in respect of any personal injury, death, damage or loss, arising from or in connection with the passenger’s, or the minor’s, participation in the ride. In these Terms and Conditions “loss” refers to medical costs and expenses, consequential loss and loss of income, including loss of future earnings.
  9. Passengers agree to comply with all instructions and directions given by the Captain of the jet boat or vessel.
  10. Passengers agree to consider their own health and ability to participate in the ride and agree to disclose any medical condition or other pre-existing condition that may cause the passenger to suffer injury or aggravate a pre-existing condition during the ride. All passengers with such conditions must consider their own health and their ability to safely participate in the ride, and if they do elect to ride they do so at their own risk.
  11. Passengers with back, neck, shoulder or heart conditions or who have injuries and/or pre-existing conditions that may be aggravated by the ride are strongly advised not to ride the jet boat or vessel, and if they ride they agree to do so at their own risk.
  12. Passengers who are pregnant are strongly advised not to ride the jet boat or vessel, and if they ride they agree to do so at their own risk.
  13. Passengers that have been drinking alcohol or consuming any mind altering substance, including the consumption of any prescription medications with a similar mind altering effect, before the ride, are strongly advised not to ride the jet boat or vessel, and if they ride they agree to do so at their own risk.
  14. Passengers must wear a life jacket on the vessel at all times. This will be provided at check-in.
  15. If a passenger suffers any injury or illness during the ride, the passenger consents and agrees to us providing evacuation and first-aid treatment but otherwise acknowledges and agrees that any additional medical treatment will need to be provided by a qualified medical professional.
  16. Passengers may be filmed or photographed during the ride. All passengers that participate in the ride grant us the right, and agree that we have the right, to reproduce such film and or photos, for any purpose whatsoever, without notification, compensation or payment to the passenger concerned. If a passenger does not agree to this, that person should not ride and that will receive a full refund of the ticket price paid.
  17. We reserve the right, in our discretion and acting reasonably, to alter the departure time and vessel departure point as and when required.
  18. We reserve the right, in our complete discretion, to refuse to allow a person to participate in the ride. In the event that a person is prevented by us from participating in the ride, that person will be eligible to receive a full refund of the ticket price paid.
  19. By participating in this ride, passengers are confirming to us that they are in good health.

Bookings are essential and are subject to availability. Please book via our website www.badfishy.com.au or call 0499 490 030 to check availability.

Cairns Adventures PTY LTD Trading as Bad Fishy (ABN 54 154 077 835)

Contact Us


Bad Fishy Jet Boat
Address: Wharf A, The Marlin Marina, Cairns QLD 4870, Australia

Phone:+61 499 490 030
Email: bookings@badfishy.com.au

The Jet Boat departs from THE MARLIN MARINA - Finger A


Departure Map: Click Here


  • “Denis”


    Best way to see Cairns from the water, lots of laughs, lots of fun, will be definitely coming back for seconds.

  • “Sarah”


    We had an amazing Bad Fishy experience. The team are awesome and we all loved it. Very thrilling and a great way to see Trinity Inlet and we even saw a crocodile!

  • “Kylie”


    If you’re travelling to Cairns and looking for a thrilling ride this is a must do!

  • “Natasha”


    These guys are the best of the best!! Kind, friendly, informative and great value for money.

  • “Lee-anne”


    Amazing customer service and friendly crew, run by true Aussie blokes - we loved it & would do it again - thank you :)

  • “A Must, Best Ride Ever”

    25 January 2015

    Fantastic experience. Patrick was a good host. Would recommend. Lots of fun. Will do it again. Great value.

  • “Excellent”

    5 January 2015

    My partner and I had a great time. Would recommend it to everyone. We sat in the back and got totally drenched. Excellent!! Thanks Patrick for the tour, the music and the drenching.

  • “Absolutely Awesome”

    30 December 2014

    Nikki and Patrick, Thank you for the best 35 minutes I have had in a long time, awesome 360's, awesome music, awesome views, awesome info, just absolutely awesome, Will definitely be back over & over, can't wait to show everyone... best value ever.